[easyazon-image-link asin="B004VJNRKG" alt="Vtech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet" src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41kJ84Hzi2L.jpg" align="left" width="240" height="313"]Vtech InnoTab brings a new way for children to take plenty of useful elementary skills through a newly developed technology. The device is a multimedia tablet that features a lot of capabilities to deliver children many ways to learn about everything. With Vtech InnoTab children have the privilege to change learning activities such as reading, drawing, and other creative activities to be filled with more fun and challenging. Some of the most effective learning types are provided for children by the 5-inch color touch screen interface Vtech InnoTab.

Besides giving interesting media for reading and drawing, this Vtech InnoTab has some learning games that encourage children to develop their knowledge for hours. Any features equipped in the device are designed not merely for fun, but also for education concerns. The manufacturer is recommending this product to be used by children ranging from 4 to 9 years old of age.

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Vtech InnoTab Review

There are plenty of good things children can enjoy while acquiring plenty of useful knowledge in the Vtech InnoTab. Interactive E-books are provided for children to improve their reading skills including comprehension and vocabulary understanding. How the reading procedure is different? Vtech InnoTab has a distinguishable way to help children develop their comprehension and vocabulary pronunciation by allowing them to get involved in the interactive communication. They will see animated character accompany them and each word is going to be highlighted as they read.

Anytime they have difficulties in pronouncing the word, they can easily touch the screen and Vtech InnoTab will spell the word for them. Vtech InnoTab proves that the combination of learning tool and technology can deliver a comfortable and enjoyable studying activity. Besides providing audio as a way of teaching children to read correctly, Vtech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet provides a story dictionary bringing easy to understand vocabularies inside. The definitions are described as the line of story goes in the purpose of letting children understand each word naturally while following any given story being told. In short, Vtech InnoTab lets them to comprehend the meaning of certain words contextually.

Besides providing good device for reading comprehension and vocabulary spelling, Vtech InnoTab Learning Tablet has plenty of educational games and multimedia technologies as well. There are music and video players included allowing children to have their creative activity such as drawing on the 5-inch touch screen gets more exciting. Kids can color the virtual book and make it looks like real one; not only the color, but the interface as well. By only tilting the tablet side to side, the interface will exactly similar to real paperback. Stylus is also included to do plenty of things with the 5-inch color touch screen. Another important value for kids is being well organized. Vtech InnoTab provides calendar function and address book feature to let them stay in a well-scheduled state while keep in touch with friends and families. Calculator is a good addition to many capabilities Vtech InnoTab has.

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Vtech InnoTab Features

  • 5-inch color touch screen
  • Interactive E-books provide good learning activities
  • Calendar function, calculator, address book
  • 4 Multimedia Players for music, videos, MP3 and photo viewer
  • PC or Mac connections

Vtech InnoTab brings out plenty of capabilities to help children improve their reading skills. Multimedia entertainments are provided allowing them to learn while having fun. Vtech InnoTab handles the entire necessary learning activities including elementary skills and helps them to understand the use of technologies. Vtech InnoTab comes with USB cable allowing connectivity with PC or Mac. Once the device is connected to the internet, parents can help children to update or download great deals of apps, games and e-books for better range of fun learning activities. In general, Vtech InnoTab is one device with lots of features supporting educational concerns for children.